Conductor door hinges from Breuer & Schmitz for power and data transmission

Thanks to its unique and flexible technology, the new patented Connect
system reliably and permanently supplies energy to the door.


Without anyoptical compromise or additional visible components, the Connect system is compatible with all common electronic door components.

– Flexible system, applicable for all common BSW butt hinges, also
for project or glass doors, rebated or flush.
– Also available for 3D hinge system VZX.
– Permanent power supply from frame to door.
– Simple installation and assembly.
– Non-wearing transmission, tested over 200,000 cycles.
– No additional components required for cable transition.
– Matching looks to standard hinges.
– Available in various finishes.

– Control and power for motor locks, fingerprint and code locks,
electric door viewers, frosted glass foils and panes, sensors, lighting
and much more.

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