Load capacity of hinges

The actual load of door hinges may exceed the effective door
weight significantly due to various factors. The use of door closers,
automatic operators, floor stops, wide doors, door thickness, hinge
positioning, but also the site of usage (e.g. public buildings, hospitals
and care facilities, schools, kindergardens etc.) and the opening
frequency do have a considerable influence on the hinge load and
are to be taken into account when chosing a suitable hinge.
In addition, BSW recommends to include an additional safety
margin depending on the intended use while calculating the safe
All maximum load data indicated by BSW refer to the use of two
hinges on a door set of 2000 x 1000 x 40mm (H x W x T), unless
otherwise mentioned.
To calculate a virtual doorweight, representing the actual load and
based on which suitable hinges can be chosen, the following
additions have proven their worth in practice:

For non-standard situations or in case of unclearness we do recommend
to inquire with us at the works.
Using a third hinge generally does not increase the maximum load,
as it often is placed in the middle between top and bottom hinge
to prevent the door leaf from bending or to create a symetric view.
BSW recommends fixing an additional hinge 350 mm below the
top hinge when using a door closer, automatic operator or wider
doors, to support the top hinge.
To achieve the maximum load it is preconditional that not only the
hinges are well fixed in line using the recommended screws but
also the frame is of equivalent stability and firmly fixed to the wall.
BSW recommends to use wood screws 5 x 50 mm with project
hinges, for all other hinges please refer to the specification on the
respective page.

Position of hinges

Following DIN 18268 the reference line (RL) of a hinge is a defined
line to determine the distance between hinge and top of door.
Reference lines are given in the technical drawings, for butt hinges
it usually is the middle of the hinge. Positioning of hinges is given
as follows:

If a third hinge is advised, we do recommend to place it 350 mm
below RL 1.

Optional features

Suspension bolt
Depending on the expected opening frequency or dynamic load
we do recommend to use a suspension bolt for additional stability
of the hinge in the door leaf. These bolts can be ordered as a
separate article and are mounted with project hinges in place of
the middle fixing screw.

Non-removable pin NRP
While the door is closed NRP prevents manipulation of the pin and
thus unauthorized disassembling. NRP is available for project
hinges as well as sliding- and ball bearing hinges.

Burglary prevention
BSW-project hinges are successfully tested on burglar resistant
doorsets. Enforcement pins on the door part and a pull-out stop
on the frame part both prevent the door from easily being pried

Decorative finials
Decorative finials in cone (ZK) or round (ZR) shape are available on
request for all project hinges.

Finishes and materials

All current BSW hinges are available in both Stainless Steel and
Steel, zincplated. In addition most types are available in decorative
surfaces such as polished, goldplated, or powdercoated in RAL-colours
on request. For some types we can deliver a special coating
to use with acid-treated wood.
Stainless Steel hinges are made from AISI 304, for some types AISI
316 is optional. A scratch-resistant PVD coating in various colours
(gold, bronze, brass and more) is available on request.
Apart from pure visual appearance the choice of materials or
surface treatments depends to a high degree on thoughts about
protection from corrosion. BSW has tested the most essential
materials and decorations according to the requirements of DIN
EN 1670 and classified them as follows:

Other finishes e.g. :

are not corrosion resistant and should be used under visual
aspects only or if it is the intention to varnish them later.
Independent from the above classification BSW recommends the
general use of stainless steel hinges whenever they are continuously
exposed to outer weather conditions or if they are used in wet
surroundings. Only this material can guarantee durable corrosion
resistance. When used in coastal regions, swimming pools or under
similar aggressive climatic conditions also stainless steel has to be
carefully maintained in order to avoid unwanted surface stains.
BSW offers a clear powdercoating (KK) on request.
To receive optimal corrosion resistance it is mandatory to use
corresponding screws.


The high quality of BSW hinges is not only secured by means of
our inhouse quality management system including permanent
monitoring in all steps of production, but also through external
surveillance executed by testing laboratories SKH und SKG-IKOB.


Since 2003 a wide range of BSW hinges is successfully
being tested to EN 1935 and certified by laboratories SKH
in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Therefore these products
fulfill the requirements to be installed in both smoke
and fire protection doors and for doors in escape and
rescue routes. A copy of the Certificate of Conformity
and the Declaration of Performance fort he most current
hinges is available on request – please do contact us.
The CE marking requires extensive testing with one
hinge carrying the door weight and up to 200.000 opening
cycles. Due to current limitation of EN 1935 to a maximum
weight of160 kg BSW in addition executes inhouse
testing with far higher load for several hinge types.

Hinges with SKG**- or SKG***-mark are tested by
laboratories SGK-IKOB in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands,
with regard to burglary resistance and are
permitted to be used on respective doorsets and

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver
Feeling responsible for the environment and society,
BSW does not only care about the sustainability of
products, but also about resource-efficient production.
Hence BSW-Project hinges and frame constructions,
the product lines “allround” and “topforce” and our
lift-off ball bearing hinges are certified by C2CPII, San
Francisco, according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified™
Product Standard at the silver level

Environmental Product Declaration
The Environmental Product Declaration, issued by
institute Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin, for our products
is available on request.

Fire resistance
Hinges 804 and 818 in stainless steel are mostly
certified for fire rated doors up to 240 minutes under
CF 5581 by Exova (UK) Ltd., Warrington.